Hormone Yoga

Are you are feeling anxious, irritable or very up and down?  Is your sleep is disrupted?   Maybe you’re getting hot flashes or having night sweats?  Or is it brain fog and poor concentration that you’re finding frustrating?  If you’re aged 40 or more chances are your hormone levels are declining. You can harmonise your hormones with Hormone Yoga to relieve Peri-Menopause and Menopause symptoms naturally.

Around the age of 35 hormone levels start to decrease.  To begin with you probably won’t notice. But as you approach the menopause you’re likely to feel the effects of lowered progesterone and oestrogen.  Other symptoms include migraines, vaginal dryness, poor libido, bloating, dry skin and just feeling meh with no energy or zest for life. 

Hormone Yoga Therapy is one way to help manage menopause symptoms naturally.  The method was devised by Dinah Rodrigues, a Brazilian Yoga therapist in the early 90s.  Since then many women around the world have benefitted from the system. It is particularly popular in South America, Germany and the Czech Republic.  

If you’re looking for a way to harmonise your hormones naturally, give Hormone Yoga ago. You can revive your energy, your sensuality and your zest for life.

I think Hormone Yoga is an excellent alternative to HRT, I only wish I’d known about it ages ago Caroline

How Hormone Yoga Works

The system is a blend of Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Tibetan energy techniques. After warming up we use dynamic breathing exercises combined with yoga poses.  These exercises massage specific glands, increasing the flow of blood and energy to stimulate and increase hormone production.  The main focus is on the ovaries, thyroid, adrenals and pituitary glands.

Once the glands have been stimulated we move onto the calming part of the practice.  Relaxation and Anti-Stress Techniques are used to soothe the nervous system. Giving your mind the opportunity to unplug and recharge.  This stage is very important, because when we’re stressed hormone production is diverted away from the sex hormones to produce more stress hormones, which then exacerbates hormonal conditions.  That’s why the menopause or PMS can feel a whole lot worse if you’re experiencing stress in other parts of your life.

The Benefits

You can feel the results of Hormone Yoga fairly quickly.  I noticed an increase in energy levels almost straight away, but it took 3 to 4 weeks for other symptoms to improve.  People I’ve taught who then practice regularly, all report improved energy levels.

Some find their aches and pains disappear and others see improvements in their digestion.  You can read other students experiences here.

To feel the benefit you need to practice Hormone Yoga regularly, ideally for 30 minutes four times a week.  The more you do the better the results.  I’ve been practising several times a week since May 2020 and feel great for it.  If I go a few days without doing Hormone Yoga my energy levels drop.  Read my experience here.

Hormone Yoga is good for

Hormone Yoga is particularly helpful for managing the Menopause and Peri-Menopause, but is also beneficial for:

  • Hypothyrodism
  • Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
  • Irregular Periods
  • Polycystic Ovaries
  • Infertility
  • Small Fibroids less than 3cm

You don’t need to be experiencing a hormonal condition to practice hormone yoga.  Dinah recommends that women over 35 can use the techniques as a preventative measure to help them sail through perimenopause more easily.

When Hormone Yoga should NOT be practiced: 

The exercises are not suitable for everyone. If you have any of the following conditions then Hormone Yoga is not for you.

  • During and just after pregnancy
  • Just before and in the first few months after abdominal surgery
  • Cyst / fibroid larger than 3cm
  • Advanced endometriosis
  • Whilst receiving treatment for Cancer
  • inflamation of the inner ear
  • Severe psychosis

Hormone Yoga Workshops – £35

9.30am – 1pm Saturday 25th June 2022 at Whitelackington Village Hall, nr Ilminster

I will teach you the whole system during this workshop and you will receive a pdf manual with instructions on how to do the exercises so you can practice at home on your own. Please read the above to make sure Hormone Yoga Therapy is suitable for you, the you can book here.

Hormone Yoga & Menopause Yoga combined – £55

2 workshops both on Saturday 25th June 2022 at Whitelackington near Ilminster, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Book both and get a discount. Read more about the Yoga for Menopause workshop here.

I often run workshops in other locations across Somerset, Devon and Dorset.

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Online Hormone Yoga Course

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Learn the techniques in the comfort of your own home via Zoom. Each course is 5 weeks long and class sizes are small.