Menopause Yoga

Menopause can feel crap. But you can equip yourself with a toolbox of simple techniques to alleviate symptoms.

You might not know you’re in the early stages of perimenopause.  You’re probably getting regular periods, but you’re feeling abnormally anxious, irritable, or very up and down?  Perhaps you’ve lost your mojo and feel everything’s just too much.   Or is it brain fog and poor concentration that’s frustrating you?  At this stage you may put your symptoms down to stress or something worse, which unfortunately make you more anxious and makes your symptoms worse. 

As you move further into perimenopause you may get sore breasts, not sleep well or start getting hot flushes.  These symptoms can affect your quality of life.

Once you reach post menopause symptoms start to decline, but lower levels of oestrogen can affect bone, brain and heart health. Yoga along with other lifestyle changes can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and dementia.

Manage Your Menopause Better

Research shows that women who understand what is happening to their hormones, often have an easier menopause.  You can alleviate menopause symptoms with simple breathing practices, easy relaxing yoga poses and lifestyle tweaks. Come along to one of my workshops or book a one-to-one with me (either in-person or via Zoom) and I’ll teach you how.

What to Expect at a Yoga for Menopause Workshop

My Yoga for Menopause events empower and support women in their 40s, 50s and 60s as they transition through menopause.  At these supportive and informative workshops, you will gain a greater understanding of what happens to your sex and stress hormones as you transition from perimenopause through to post menopause, and the affect that has on your mind and body.

Experience quick and easy self care practices you can slot into a busy day that alleviate menopause symptoms.  Expect a combination of breathwork, restorative yoga poses and deep relaxation. These will improve sleep, aid digestion, increase energy, elevate mood and manage stress. We will also take a look at how yoga can help reduce the risk of health conditions associated with post menopause. 

These events are small, supportive and free of judgment. They are suitable for women at any stage of the menopause.  They are also very helpful for women approaching perimenopause who want to know what to expect and the lifestyle changes they can make now to ensure an easier menopause. 

Never done yoga before.  Don’t worry these workshops are suitable for complete beginners and you definitely do NOT have to be bendy to take part.  You can use these practices on their own or alongside HRT or other menopause treatments. 

‘A great menopause workshop with Zoe, with a really good mix of exercises, breathing, stretches and very useful background info on hormones and some scientific findings all around menopause. Would highly recommend!’ Maren

Why I can help you

I’m Post Menopause and have used these simple techniques on myself for several years to manage my own symptoms, so I know they work. I also have plenty of relevant training, I’m a certified Yoga for the Stages of Menopause teacher and I’ve trained to teach Hormone Yoga Therapy.  These 2 methods take a different approach to managing the symptoms of low hormone levels. You can read more about Hormone Yoga Therapy here

Mindful Menopause Workshops – Devon, Dorset & Somerset

  • EXETER – 10am – 1pm on Saturday 10th February 2024 at The Lotus Loft, Southernhay East, Exeter EX1 1QP
  • BRIDPORT- 9.30am – 12.30pm Saturday 24th February 2024 at The Glow Collective, St Michael’s Trading Estate, Bridport DT6 3RR
  • ILMINSTER – 9.30am – 12.30pm Sunday 17th March 2024 at Horton Village Hall, near Ilminster, Somerset TA19 9QP

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If you prefer a one-to-one Yoga for Menopause session message, either online or in-person, then message me for a free telephone consultation so you can find out more.

Yoga for the Stages of Menopause course

I occasionally run 5 week courses tailored to the women taking part. Message me if you’re interested in future events.

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