All About Zoe Harris the Yoga Teacher

Hello I’m Zoë, a Yoga Therapist and Teacher and founder of Zoga Yoga based on the Devon, Somerset and Dorset border. I’ve been practising yoga since 1991, when I went along to a class in Bristol with a friend.  Like many people I first got into yoga as a form of exercise. Then I joined Ranju Roy’s Vini Yoga class in Taunton and realised the positive effect yoga has on the mind as well as the body. I was hooked! 

Yoga styles

Over the years, as I moved around the country for work and university, I would regularly discover small, local yoga classes. In so doing I was able to practice and explore various different styles of yoga including:

  • Vinyasa Flow yoga
  • Viniyoga yoga
  • Kundalini yoga
  • Iyengar yoga

Therapeutic Benefits of yoga

Yoga’s beneficial and holistic effect has helped me through some stressful times in my life. I’ve used it on myself to alleviate sciatica, hip and lower back pain. The therapeutic side of yoga has been a strong attraction for me and was the main reason why I chose to become a yoga teacher.

Training and courses

Twenty years after attending my first yoga class I enrolled with the Devon School of Yoga (DSY). The school’s holistic approach and the varied experience of the teaching staff has greatly expanded my knowledge, giving me the confidence to share what I love about yoga.

At the beginning of 2013 I began teaching after completing the DSY 500 hour Teacher training course

In 2015 I completed 164 taught hours of the DSY Postgraduate Holistic Yoga Therapy Course. 

During March 2019 I completed the Level 1 Yin Yoga Instructor Training with Maheshwara & Shakti Lehner and the Yoga Prema School of Yoga.

In May 2020 I completed a 25 hour Hormone Yoga Teacher Training course with with Shakti Simone Lehner.

I trained with Yinstinct Yoga in August 2021 and completed the 40 hour Certificate for Teaching Yoga for the Stages of Menopause.

I am registered with the Independent Yoga Network.

For more information please contact me I’d love to hear from you

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