What shall I wear?
Something stretchy that won’t restrict your movement. Leggings or joggers are ideal, as are fitted t-shirts and vest tops.  Classes start with gentle stretching and end with a relaxation, so it’s best to wear layers.  But you may find a hoodie is not so good because the hood can get in the way when practising Downward Dog.

What shall I wear on my feet?
Yoga is best practiced with bare feet, this allows you to grip the yoga mat and not slip when moving in and out of poses.  You can wear yoga socks with grippy soles if you get cold feet.

Do I need a yoga mat?
Yes you need a grippy yoga mat.  

I’m not very flexible, does that matter?
No you don’t need to be really flexible to do yoga, and if you do feel stiff, it would probably be very beneficial.   Yoga can easily be adapted and is suitable for anyone regardless of age, flexibility and body shape.    I also have plenty of yoga props like blocks, bricks and straps which can be used to help people move gently into a pose.

Do I need to book in advance?
Yes please, classes are busy so I may not have enough space. Contact me to check. 

Is it OK to eat before a class?
Like other physical activity it’s best not to not eat immediately before a class.  Generally leave about 1 hour after having a light meal like toast or a sandwich and up to 3 to 4 hours after a main meal.  Basically you do not want to be doing Downward Dog on a full stomach.