Courses / Workshops

Yoga workshops take place in Ilminster, Donyatt, Chard and Jordans Courtyard. 

Workshops are a great opportunity to take yoga to a deeper dimension and gain a greater knowledge that time does not allow in classes.


Age Well With Yoga Weekend

Friday 30th October – Sunday 1st November 2020 at Dillington House, Ilminster, Somerset

Yoga is a holistic health system, when practiced regularly it can keep you strong, flexible and free of general aches and pains as you age.  Throughout the weekend you will explore poses that keep your spine supple to ensure good posture.  Strengthen bones and muscles with weight bearing poses.  Use simple inversions for good heart and brain health. Stress can have a detrimental effect on our health as we age so it’s important to take time out to rest and relax. Experience the tranquility of guided relaxations and learn to manage stress with breath work and meditation. The weekend also includes a session on how to devise your own home practice.

Cost from £233 (non residential) and needs to be booked via Dillington House


Relaxing and Soothing Yoga Weekend

Friday 15th to Sunday 17th January 2021 at Dillington House, Ilminster, Somerset

Treat yourself to a weekend to nourish your mind and body.  Experience the tranquility of yoga nidra, known as a yogic sleep, which slows your brain waves down to the same pattern as meditation. The weekend will combine warm up stretches, gentle hatha yoga, nourishing Yin Yoga, breath work, meditation and deeply relaxing Restorative Yoga.  There will also be time to take a walk in the beautiful grounds of the Dillington estate.

Cost is from £233 (non-residential) and needs to be booked via Dillington House


Yoga for Older Beginners

Saturday 8th May 2021 at Dillington House, Ilminster, Somerset

Ever wanted to try yoga but think you’re too stiff or too old? Maybe you haven’t got the confidence to attend an existing class. Perhaps you’ve been doing some YouTube Yoga but not sure if you’re doing the poses right. This workshop will introduce you to the Yoga Basics. Zoë will guide you through some of the main yoga poses, giving alignment tips as you learn how to use the breath to move in and out of key yoga poses safely. During this friendly gentle paced workshop there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Suitable for all body shapes and sizes, you definitely don’t need to be flexible to take part.

Cost is £58 and needs to be booked via Dillington House


Watch this space for up and coming workshops or follow Zoga Yoga on Facebook.



Outdoor Pop Up Yoga

During the summer I hold occasional Garden Yoga sessions.  Follow Zoga Yoga on Facebook to ensure you hear of these impromptu sessions.



Cancellation Policy

Workshop bookings must be cancelled no later than 24 hours before the start time.  Unfortunately I cannot offer refunds, instead you can have a credit towards a future workshop. Workshop cancellations within 24 hours are non refundable and non transferable.


I always leave a session feeling completely calm and relaxed, both physically and mentally”
Hilary N

For more information about workshops please contact me I’d love to hear from you